At the Dryer Vent Doctor we always put our clients first, and are very proud of the services we provide.  Nothing means more to us then your satisfaction and we are always striving to improve our process and customer service!



“I will be recommending your service to my family and friends!  Thanks! ”

Sheraz Ali, Winnipeg


“Great service from the Dryer Vent Doctor, they're easy to work with and great value”

Kim Langley,  Calgary


“ Dryer Vent Doctor's team is the best! Nice to find an honest cleaning company that can be trusted”

Jeremy Barber, Toronto


“Thanks for everything, really impressed”

Sam Abbi, Winnipeg


“Service the other day was great!  I was caught up at work and was late to the appointment, the cleaner accommodated everything and moved my appointment back for me.  Thank you!”

Mike Armstrong, Winnipeg